S4 Retractable Bollard

RKSS present India's first crash simulated and indigenously designed bolard. Our bolards have been tested by india's premier R& D instituet, ARAI, Pune where in the bollard was hit at 48km/h by a fully laden 6.8kg truck and on each occasion, simulated a complte dead stop of the vehicle.

The bollard has been manufactured keeping in mind the corrosive nature of the tropical Indian Climate. All parts of bollards are hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion and smooth functioning even when submerged in water. To give a fine balance between aesthtics and security all bollards come with an aesthtically pleasing stainless steel sleeve and stainless steel top plate which easily merges with the environment.

Our bollards are fast and are ideal for infrastructure requiring a high level of protection from forced impact, have least distance to the point of impact and requires continuous operation. With spare kit a part of our standard supply. after sales service is always our priority.


1. Safety against vehicle: loop detector
2. Safety against human traffice: photo sensor


Plc bases countrol unit which can be tailor made to your use and can be integrated to all access control devices.

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