Road Blocker

The new Embassy barricade is a fully enclosed, shallowfoundation wedge barricade with covered front and sides. In a fullscale crash test conducted byan independent test lab, the RK- 207s met the criteria for an M50/K12 rating. A 15,000 pound (6800 kg) truck impacting at 50 mph (80 km/h) was stopped deadin its tracks with zero penetration and no foundation damage. Itfeatures a small footprint, a new programmable drive s y stem andis extremely serviceable The new Embassy barricade provides foundation space in whichmaintenance personnel can easily work. There is space forheaters and sump pumps. Access is available from either the topplateor front. The barricade can also be galvanized. Its smallfootprintincreases the numbers of locations in which it can beused.Available with Delta’s new programmable drive system (PDS), the barricade can be electronically powered with aninternal limit swi tch and multiple voltage input. The motor speedcontrol can be programmed to control the barricade so that itoperates quickly at first but, at the end of the strok e, slows downso that it does not slam, eliminating wear and noise. Guard operation is with touch screen control via hardwire, networked orfiber optics. Following the crash test the truck was removed alongwith the front face and the barricade was powered up and foundto be fully operational. No foundation damage, slight bend in thetop plate, all ready for the next attack.

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